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14 March 2015

Fire in Chile

Type of Event:Fire
Location of Event:Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, Chile
Date of Charter Activation:14 March 2015
Time of Charter Activation:04:34:00
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-01:00
Charter Requestor:ONEMI
Project Management:ONEMI

A forest fire in Chile affected thousands of people in the cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar.

The fire began on 13 March 2015, and forced 4500 people to evacuate their homes. It was reported that the fire broke out at an illegal landfill where molten metal had started the fire and spread from there.

One person died, and nineteen firefighters were injured in their efforts against the blaze. It is estimated that 500 hectares were burnt by the fire.

By 16 March the fire was contained and people began returning to their homes where it was safe to do so.

Valparaiso was still recovering from a fire which affected the city in April last year, which killed a dozen people and destroyed hundreds of buildings.



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