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18 February 2018

Aircraft crash in Iran

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Type of Event:Other - Aircraft crash
Location of Event:Iran
Date of Charter Activation:2018-02-18
Time of Charter Activation:20:04
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+03:00
Charter Requestor:EMERCOM of Russia
Activation ID:567
Project Management:ROSCOSMOS

A plane has crashed in a mountainous region of southern Iran, with all 65 passengers and crew being killed. The crash site is within the Zagros moutain range near the remote mountain town of Semirom, approximately 600km south of Tehran.

Search teams reached the crash site of the passenger plane almost 2 days later. The plane was reported missing near the Zagros mountains on 18 Febraury 2018, which killed all 65 people on board.

Bad weather hampered initial efforts to reach the site which is at an altitude of 13,000ft. with search teams having to deploy on foot to reach the site.

Military drones were used to identify the wreckage before improving weather on 20 February allowed 2 helicopters to deploy. A military spokesman confirmed the plane had "hit the top of the mountain before crashing 30 metres further down".

Flight EP3704, an ATR 72-500 aircraft left Tehran at 04:30 GMT and crashed 1 hour later 14 miles from its destination of Yasuj. Aseman airlines blamed hazardous weather conditions for the incident, dismissing technical failure.



Imagery analysis of plane crash site

Source: KOMPSAT-5
Acquired: 19/02/2018

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Map produced by ROSCOSMOS

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