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08 February 2019

Landslide in Bolivia

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Type of Event:landslide
Location of Event:Plurinational State of Bolivia
Date of Charter Activation:2019-02-08
Time of Charter Activation:21:25
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+01:00
Charter Requestor:SINAGER-SAT/VIDECI
Activation ID:597
Project Management:Bolivian Space Agency - ABE

Heavy rainfall caused landslides on the road linking La Paz, to the northern town of Caranavi. Local reports say at least 14 people have been killed and a further seven are missing.

Hundreds of tonnes of earth and rock collapsed from the moutainous hillsides burying several vehicles. Helicopters were deployed to transport over 30 injured people to local hospitals, and rescue teams continue to look for survivors.

After the initial landslide a secondary slide occurred causing more casualties. As a result the local education authority have postponed the new school year for at least a week.

People have been advised to avoid the area for fear of more landslide activity.



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