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Storm in Eswatini

A hailstorm affected Eswatini on 8 December 2023, damaging hundreds of homes and affecting thousands of people.

The storm affected the administrative regions of Mafutseni, Mtfongwaneni, Khubuta, Nkwene, Sandleni, and Hosea. It was estimated that over 600 homes were damaged and 4500 people affected.

The hail caused damage to windows, roofs, and infrastructure; cutting off the supply of electricity to some areas. Strong winds knocked down trees, blocking access to some roads, and local agriculture was also affected, as the storm damaged trees and crops.

Type of Event:Storm
Location of Event:Eswatini
Date of Charter Activation:2023-12-27
Time of Charter Activation:14:35
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Charter Requestor:NDMA
Activation ID:856
Project Management:Sibusiso Ginindza (National Disaster Management Agency)
act-value-adders:Dalia Laoubi (CSA)


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