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Flooding in Eswatini

Storms and heavy rains have caused flooding Eswatini. Overall, the country has received 2, 868.3mm of rainfall caused by an upper level trough which is a trough of low pressure that forms in the upper levels of the atmosphere, similar to a cold front.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), urged members of the public to take extra precautions as a number of rivers in the country were flooded due to the torrential rains.

Type of Event:Floods
Location of Event:Eswatini
Date of Charter Activation:2023-02-11
Time of Charter Activation:00:15
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+01:00
Charter Requestor:NDMA
Activation ID:800
Project Management:Sibusiso Ginindza (National Disaster Management Agency)
Value Adding:Morwapula Mashalane (SANSA)


Flooding observation in Tekwane, Mbombela

Copyright: © Planet Labs Inc. (2023)
Map produced by SANSA (South African National Space Agency)

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Acquired: 16/02/2023

Source: PlanetScope

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