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Hurricane Fiona in Dominican Republic

Hurricane Fiona unleashed heavy rain on the Dominican Republic,as it made landfall on 19 September.

The storm displaced more than 12,400 people, caused landslides, fallen bridges, road blockages, power outages, interrupted telecommunications, and overflowing dams .

Authorities closed ports and beaches; a tourist pier in the town of Miches was badly damaged by high waves. At least four international airports were closed.

The Dominican Red Cross activated and deployed national teams to carry out sectoral assessments and interventions in health, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion and psychosocial support; especially in the provinces that were most impacted.

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Type of Event:Floods
Location of Event:Dominican Republic
Date of Charter Activation:2022-09-20
Time of Charter Activation:18:22
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Charter Requestor:UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER on behalf of National Emergency Commision of the Dominican Republic
Activation ID:780
Project Management:Ramesh Sivanpillai (University of Wyoming)
Value Adding:Samir Belabbes (UNITAR)


Areas Flooded by Hurricane Fiona, Dominican Republic

Copyright: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2022)
Map produced by SINI

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Acquired: 22/09/2022

Source: Sentinel-2

Category: Delineation Map

Flooded areas in the Dominican Republic from Hurricane Fiona

Copyright: Sentinel-1
Map produced by SINI

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Acquired: 20/09/2022

Category: Reference Map

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