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20 septembre 2022

Hurricane Fiona in Dominican Republic

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type d'évènement:Floods
Localidation de l'évènement:Dominican Republic
Date de l'activation Charte:2022-09-20
Time of Charter Activation:18:22
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Demandeur:UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER on behalf of National Emergency Commision of the Dominican Republic
Activation ID:780
Chef de projet:Ramesh Sivanpillai

Hurricane Fiona has unleashed heavy rain on the Dominican Republic, causing extreme flooding.

The storm has displaced more than 12,400 people and cut off at least two communities. So far, there has been one death caused by a falling tree.

Authorities closed ports and beaches; a tourist pier in the town of Miches was badly damaged by high waves. At least four international airports were closed.



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