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Landslide in Sri Lanka

Monsoon rains in Sri Lanka caused a landslide on 29 October 2014, which is believed to have killed over a hundred people.

The landslide occurred near the town of Haldummulla and mud and debris buried approximately 150 houses, and potentially more than a hundred residents.

Hundreds of rescue personnel and the military have been searching for survivors, but as of 30 October they think it unlikely that anyone still buried has survived. Some houses in the town have been buried in mud as deep as 9 metres (30 feet). Ten bodies have been recovered so far.

Haldummulla is located in the Badulla district of Sri Lanka, an agricultural region of the country. Sri Lanka has experienced other landslides in the past few months, due to further bouts of monsoon rain, but this latest incident has taken the highest toll in lives of the year.

Type of Event:Landslide
Location of Event:Sri Lanka
Date of Charter Activation:30 October 2014
Time of Charter Activation:04:00:00
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+01:00
Charter Requestor:Asia Disaster Reduction Centre (ADRC) on behalf of Asia Disaster Reduction Centre (ADRC)
Project Management:Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)


Landslide in Koslanda, Badulla District, Sri Lanka

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