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Tropical Storm Ma-On in the Philippines

Tropical Storm Ma-On (known as Florita in the Philippines) passed over the northern Philippines on 23 August, causing flooding.

Ma-On made landfall at Maconacon Town in Isabela Province, where thousands of people in the region were evacuated as a precaution. However, during the storm a passenger bus crashed, leaving two dead and six injured. Trees in Tuguegarao toppled power lines, cutting off electricity to an estimated 28 towns in Cagayan Province. River banks spilled over to nearby areas, and Ma-On caused storm surges on the coast.

The storm moved west over Manila and out into the South China Sea on 24 August.

Type of Event:Floods
Location of Event:Philippines
Date of Charter Activation:2022-08-23
Time of Charter Activation:14:50
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Charter Requestor:UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER on behalf of Philippines Space Agency (PhilSA) on behalf of National Disaster Risk Management Council (NDRRMC)
Activation ID:771
Project Management:Jakrapong Tawala (UNITAR)


Tropical Storm Florita Impact in Pangasinan Philippines

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