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10 March 2023

Cyclone Freddy in Madagascar

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Type of Event:Cyclone
Location of Event:Madagascar
Date of Charter Activation:2023-03-10
Time of Charter Activation:16:24
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+03:00
Charter Requestor:Bureau National de Gestion des Risques et des Catastrophes (BNGRC)
Activation ID:812
Project Management:Teodoro Hunger
Value Adding:Yeji Kim

A resurgent Tropical Cyclone Freddy struck Madagascar again on 13 March with heavy rains and strong winds, leaving four people dead nearly two weeks after the storm's initial destructive passage through the island nation.

The storm took an unusual path across the Indian Ocean before initially making landfall in Madagascar on 21 February. It proceeded to Mozambique afterwards, but after making landfall there it maintained enough strength to re-emerge over the Mozambique channel and returned to Madagascar. Though it didn't make landfall on its second visit, Freddy still caused further floods to Madagascar.

The total death toll in both Madagascar and Mozambique now stands at 21. Freddy will continue to maintain its rotation as it once again heads toward Mozambique, where it will make its third overall landfall and second in the country.

Freddy became the longest-lasting tropical cyclone in recorded history on 9 March, reaching 32 days since formation. The old record of 31 days was held by Typhoon John in 1994.

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Flooded Areas in Toliara, Madagascar

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