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Typhoon Doksuri in China

Typhoon Doksuri made landfall in the Fujian province of south-east China on the 28 July. The second of two severe typhoons in recent weeks, Typhoon Doksuri brought gusts of wind over 100 mph and caused widespread flooding and subsequent landslides.

As Doksuri moved north and deeper inland on 29 July, red alerts for severe flooding in parts of Northern China were triggered. In Beijing, 30,000 people were evacuated from the highest risk areas where more than 100 mm of rainfall was recorded with certain areas (notably Mentougou) closer to 500 mm.

All modes of transportation were suspended, businesses and schools were closed due to flooding and agriculture was severely damaged. The strong winds left a trail of debris and devastation. Two fatalities were reported and a total of around 880,000 people were affected.

Typhoon Doksuri is the second strongest storm to hit China in years; after Typhoon Meranti in 2016 which killed 11 people.

Type of Event:Cyclones
Location of Event:China
Date of Charter Activation:2023-07-31
Time of Charter Activation:19:24
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+08:00
Charter Requestor:National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC)
Activation ID:825
Project Management:Mingbo Liu (National Disaster Reduction Center of China)



Remote sensing monitoring map of flood disaster in Yongle Village, Shuangta Street, Zhuozhou City

Source: Pleiades
Acquired: 12/08/2023

Category: Delineation Map

Copyright: Includes Pleiades material © CNES (2023), Distribution Airbus DS.
Map produced by NDRCC

Remote sensing monitoring maps of Yongding River floodplain, Langouwa floodplain and Dongdian floodplain

Source: KOMPSAT-5
Acquired: 06/08/2023

Category: Delineation Map

Copyright: © KARI (2023).
Map produced by KARI

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