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06 September 2022

Earthquake in China

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Type of Event:Earthquake
Location of Event:China
Date of Charter Activation:2022-09-06
Time of Charter Activation:14:51
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+08:00
Charter Requestor:National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC)
Activation ID:775
Project Management:NDRCC

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Luding County on 5 September 2022 in Sichuan's Ganzi district (southwest of Chengdu city), China.

With a focal depth of 16 km, the earthquake has killed 65 people, left 12 missing and more than 170 injured.

Tremors shook buildings in Chengdu and the neighbouring mega-city of Chongqing, leaving roads blocked and cutting communication lines in areas home to more than 10,000 residents. So far, more than 50,000 people have been temporarily relocated.



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