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Flood in Iraq

Torrential rain between 28 and 30 October has caused widespread floods in eastern Iraq.

The country's Prime Minister declared a state of emergency after the flooding.

In some areas, including the capital city of Baghdad, the rain overwhelmed drainage systems, causing sewage to spill out into the streets. Many homes and other structures, including hospitals, have been inundated by the flood water and sewage. Some reports indicate that seven people were killed in the floods.

The floods also affected electrical systems, and 58 people were reported killed due to electrical shocks.

Additionally, thousands of refugees displaced by conflict have also been affected by the floods as muddy water swept into their tent camps.

Type of Event:Flood
Location of Event:Iraq
Date of Charter Activation:5 November 2015
Time of Charter Activation:17:30:09
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-06:00
Charter Requestor:USGS on behalf of Ministry of Science and Technology
Project Management:CENAD



Kut City, in Wasit Province, Iraq, before and after flooding

Source: Landsat-8 OLI
Acquired: Pre-disaster: 13/10/2015
Post-disaster: 14/11/2015

Copyright: USGS
Map produced by CENAD

Flooded areas of Kut City, Wasit Province, Iraq

Source: TerraSAR-X
Acquired: Pre-disaster: 19/04/2010
Post-disaster: 07/11/2015

Copyright: German Aerospace Center (DLR), 2015 Airbus Defence and Space / Infoterra GmbH
Map produced by CENAD

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