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12 October 2014

Cyclone Hudhud in India

Type of Event:Ocean Storm - Cyclone
Location of Event:India
Date of Charter Activation:12 October 2014
Time of Charter Activation:14:13:00
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Charter Requestor:ISRO on behalf of DMSP, ISRO HQ, Bangalore
Project Management:NRSC

Cyclone Hudhud made landfall in Andhra Pradesh State, India, on 12 October 2014 at 11:30 local time. Eight people were killed and 400,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes.

The storm made landfall with powerful winds, moving at speeds of 205 km/h (127 mph), and travelled north-east further inland over India, through Andhra Pradesh and Odisha State's. It continued on this track and weakened to a depression on 13 October.

Hudhud has caused widespread damage to infrastructure and crops, as its strong winds tore through plants and buildings. It has also affected power and communications lines, making it difficult for relief operations to analyse the immediate situation. Roads have been blocked by debris strewn by the cyclone, and the storm has brought heavy rains to the area which forecasts believe may cause flooding. The cyclone also brought a storm surge along the coast of approximately two metres in height.

India is no stranger to cyclones, and often experiences them at this time of year. Due to this experience, the government had set up and prepared for the storm, and evacuated over 150,000 people in the affected area before the cyclone made landfall. Many of the people left homeless are currently living in relief camps and response teams are working to rescue people trapped in their homes and help provide relief.



Damage in Andhra Pradesh after Cyclone Hudhud

Source: WorldView-2 / CartoSat-2 / SPOT
Acquired: WorldView-2: 14/10/2014
CartoSat-2: 16/10/2014
SPOT: 20/10/2014

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