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Flood in Colombia

Due to heavy rains in northern Colombia, high water levels on the Cauca River breached a containment dike at Cara e' Gato in Bermúdez on May 6, 2024.

The river overflowed, exceeding the flood defence measures in place at the dike, causing flooding to departments and municipalities in Mojana Province. Extensive tracts of land were swamped with water. The flooding caused significant challenges for the affected communities; 8,268 residents had to be evacuated, a total of 895 houses were damaged, and 766 houses were destroyed. 

Flooding also disrupted infrastructure; with reports of 27 affected roads, over 20 bridges, 1 health centre, and 18 schools. Agriculture in the area was affected, with 11,035 hectares of crops damaged, and 41,288 livestock harmed or missing.

Tipo de evento:Flood
Local do evento:Colombia
Data da Ativação da Carta:2024-05-23
Tempo de Ativação da Carta:16:11
Zona de Tempo da Ativação da Carta:UTC-05:00
Requisitante da Carta:National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD)
ID da Ativação:883
Gerenciamento de projeto:Zachary Foltz (Argans)
Alessandro Masoero (CIMA)


Rupture of Dike, Cara e Gato

Direitos autorais: Includes Pleiades material © CNES (2024), Distribution Airbus DS.
Map produced by ACRI ST

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Adquirida: 25/05/2024

Fonte: Pleiades

Categoria: Delineation Map

Flood water near Cara e Gato dike breach

Direitos autorais: USGS/NASA Landsat Program
Map produced by LIST

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Adquirida: 19/05/2024

Fonte: Landsat 9

Categoria: Delineation Map

Floods in La Mojana region, NE Colombia

Direitos autorais: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2024)
Map produced by LIST

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Adquirida: 19/05/2024

Fonte: Sentinel-1

Categoria: Delineation Map

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