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06 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew in the Bahamas

Type of Event:Ocean Storm - Hurricane
Location of Event:Bahamas
Date of Charter Activation:6 October 2016
Time of Charter Activation:08:25:09
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Charter Requestor:USGS on behalf of Pacific Disaster Center/BEST Ministry of Housing and Environment
Project Management:Pacific Disaster Center

Hurricane Matthew passed over the Bahamas on 6 October, amid concerns that the storm might cause devastating damage to the most densely populated part of the nation.

The hurricane caused extensive damage to infrastructure, though no casualties were reported. The island of Grand Bahama was the most affected.

Matthew was a Category Three storm when it passed over the central Bahama islands, and brought floods, powerful winds and heavy rain.

The storm had been classified as Category Four earlier in the week when it hit Haiti, but weakened after moving north from Cuba.



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