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48th Meeting of the International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters'


22 November 2022

48th Meeting of the International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters'

The 48th Meeting of the International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters' was held from October 24-28, 2022, hosted by Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). KARI will take the Charter's lead agency role for the next 6-month period from October 2022 to April 2023 after NOAA and USGS successfully performed the previous lead agency role. Due to the remaining difficult circumstances of COVID-19, KARI organized the meeting online.

The Charter meeting started with the Communications Group meeting during which there were discussions about promoting Charter activities widely and effectively. The Executive Secretariat (ES) meeting started on the same day, after the Communications Group meeting, and lasted two and a half days. During the ES meeting, ES members discussed ways to improve Charter operational processing to support natural and man-made disaster management continuously.

At the Board meeting, which was held for the last two days, there were strategic discussions for maximizing the efficiency and cooperation of Charter operations. Additionally, there were reports and discussions on the achievements of the collaboration of Charter and cooperating bodies, including the UNOOSA, UNTAR and Sentinel Asia.

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