The International Charter Space and Major Disasters

Satellite data to support disaster response worldwide. Read more

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29 February 2024

Flooding in Brazil

28 February 2024

Oil Spill in Yemen

22 February 2024

Wildfire in Guatemala

20 February 2024

Flood in Ecuador

06 February 2024

Flooding in Libya

03 February 2024

Wildfire in Chile
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The Charter is supported by partners from around the world who contribute to our efforts or share similar goals.

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Find out which organisations contribute data from their satellites to the Charter. These companies add to the Charter Members' virtual constellation, providing a wide range of satellites and data to support disaster monitoring.
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Learn about Cooperating Bodies who provide disaster management services worldwide and have cooperating relations with the Charter, or do so for specific regions of the world. They work with the Charter to further distribution of data to end users around the world.
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Discover organisations that provide value-adding services for the Charter, producing maps based on satellite data for use in interpreting and assessing disaster situations.
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