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Flooded area on East Nile/Jartum/ Umm Dawn/ Soba Al Hilla/ Butri/ Al Gatati/ Calibri, Sudan (Period: 27 July - 18 August).

Acquired: 18/08/2020
Source: Sentinel-1


Flood situation in Sudan, Singa state, AOI ID-1, AOI ID-2, AOI ID-3

Acquired: 10/09/2020
Source: TerraSAR-X


Flooding at Sennar state, Sudan

Acquired: Pre-event: 22/05/2020, 27/05/2020
Post-event: 09/09/2020
Source: Sentinel-2


Flood situation, Sennar state, Sudan

Acquired: 06/09/2020
Source: Sentinel-2



29 February 2024

Flooding in Brazil

1 day VIIRS maximum flood extent from Suomi NPP (SNPP) and NOAA-20 between Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast from 1 October 2020.

Acquired: 01/10/2020
Source: NOAA-20 / Suomi NPP