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EUMETSAT is the global operational weather satellite agency at the heart of Europe. In our increasingly weather-dependent society, satellite data has become indispensible for the National Meteorological Services. The data helps them better forecast the weather at all ranges and produce timely warnings and information to support public and private decision-making, for social and economic wellbeing.

EUMETSAT operates a fleet of satellites, in geostationary and polar orbit, which provide a wide array of Earth observation data for weather, climate and environmental monitoring.

For more information about our services visit the EUMETSAT website.

Our Satellites

The Meteosat-9 and -10 satellites are in geostationary orbit over Europe and Africa, while Meteosat-8 operates over the Indian Ocean. Meteosat-10 is the prime operational geostationary satellite, positioned at 0 degrees and providing full disc imagery every 15 minutes. Meteosat-9 provides the Rapid Scanning Service, delivering more frequent images every five minutes over parts of Europe, Africa and adjacent seas.

The two Metop satellites fly in a lower polar orbit, at an altitude of 817 km. They provide more detailed observations of the global atmosphere, oceans and continents. Metop-A, the first European polar-orbiting meteorological satellite, was launched in October 2006 and has been delivering operational data since 15 May 2007. Metop-B was launched on 17 September 2012, and has been the primary operational satellite since 24 April 2013.

Our satellite imagery is most applicable for Charter activations relating to cyclones and large-scale wildfires.



Through its commitment to the Charter, EUMETSAT is offering the use of its dissemination system EUMETCast for the delivery of Charter Data and Products to Project Managers and Authorised Users.

EUMETCast is a multi-service dissemination system based on standard Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology. It uses commercial telecommunication geostationary satellites to multi-cast files (data and products) to a large user community.