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DMCii UK Space Agency

The UK participation in the Charter is a partnership between the UK Space Agency and DMC International Imaging Ltd. (DMCii). The UK Space Agency is the participating Member on the Charter Board while DMCii provides the UK operational contribution to the Charter.

The UK Space Agency is at the heart of UK efforts to explore space, exploit space-based applications and technology, while supporting UK academic and industrial communities. This includes supporting cross-governmental efforts on disaster management and recovery using satellite data.

DMCii was founded in 2004 with the mission to coordinate the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC). The DMC is a constellation of Earth observation satellites; each satellite is independently owned and controlled by a DMC Consortium member. The DMC was designed at concept to service many of the requirements of disaster monitoring.

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The DMC Satellites

The first generation of satellites operated a wide swath 32 metre GSD imaging system with very wide swath (adjustable up to 650 km). Satellites were successively launched in 2002, 2003 and 2005; The first generation UK satellite, called UK-DMC1 was part-funded by the UK government. The second generation of DMC satellites, launched 2009, carry enhanced 22 metre GSD imagers with the same 650 km wide swath as the first generation. A third generation satellite was launched in 2011, adding further 2.5 and 5 metre imagery.

DMC Second Generation            NigeriaSat-2
Second generation DMC satellite NigeriaSat-2
    Capable of acquiring 2.5 m and 5 m images