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Argentina's National Commission on Space Activities (CONAE) was created by government decree in 1991. Today the Argentine Space Agency designs, executes, and administers Argentina's space programme, which includes the SAC (Satelite de Aplicationes Cientificas) series of satellites, as well as tracking, telemetry and control ground stations on its territory. Research and development are also part of CONAE's mandate. In addition, CONAE provides satellite imagery over Argentina and other southern latitudes.

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SAC-C Satellite

SAC-C Satellite

The SAC-C mission, the third in the SAC series, was launched on 21 November 2000. It carries 11 different instruments providing multispectral and panchromatic imaging of terrestrial and coastal environments, as well as instruments such as the Magnetic Mapping Payload, which measures Earth's magnetic field and related Sun-Earth interactions. It also carries instruments measuring high energy radiation environments, trapped particle intensities and energy distribution.

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