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17 November Search and Rescue of Submarine, Argentina
15 November Earthquake in South Korea
13 November Earthquake in Iran
12 November Earthquake in Iraq
06 November Typhoon Damrey in Vietnam
20 September Earthquake in Mexico
19 September Hurricane Maria in the Dominican Republic
19 September Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
19 September Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean
18 September Hurricane Maria in the Antilles Islands
07 September Hurricane Irma in Haiti
06 September Hurricane Irma in the United States
05 September Hurricane Irma in the Dominican Republic
05 September Hurricane Irma in Caribbean
24 August Cyclone in United States
15 August Flood in Bangladesh
15 August Flood in Sierra Leone
15 August Flood in Nepal
09 August Earthquake in China
09 August Earthquake in China
07 August Flood in Vietnam
06 August Flood in Venezuela
25 July Fire in Montenegro
24 June Landslide in China
13 June Flood in Honduras
12 June Fire in South Africa
06 June Flood in Uruguay
30 May Flood in Bangladesh
26 May Flood in Sri Lanka
26 May Flood in Russian Federation
25 May Fire in Russia
13 May Flood in Chile
06 May Flood in Canada
26 April Missing South Korean cargo vessel
25 April Flood in Haiti
24 April Flood in Dominican Republic
12 April Flood in Argentina
01 April Flood in Colombia
31 March Flood in Peru
29 March Cyclone Debbie in Australia
06 March Flood in Madagascar
13 February Earthquake in the Philippines
24 January Fire in Chile
05 January Fire in Argentina






21 December Flood in England
18 December Tropical Cyclone Evan in Fiji
16 December Tropical Cyclone Evan in Wallis and Futuna Islands
15 December Tropical Cyclone Evan in Samoa
05 December Super Typhoon in Southern Philippines
05 December Cyclone in Philippines
03 December Ocean Storm, Palau
27 November Flood in England
08 November Earthquake in Guatemala
01 November Ocean Storm, State of New York and New Jersey
29 October Hurricane Sandy in Haiti
10 October Flood in Chad
10 October Flood in West Africa / Nigeria (Bayelsa State)
25 September Flood in west Africa / Nigeria (Lokoja)
24 September Flood in South Sudan
18 September Flood in Pakistan
16 September Fires in Ecuador
15 September Floods & Landslides in India
07 September Earthquake in southern China
06 September Extreme floods in North province of Cameroon
31 August Ocean Storm Gulf Coast of the US
29 August Flood in West Africa / Nigeria
28 August Flooding in Niger
27 August Flooding in Senegal
22 August Flooding in Russia (Black Sea region)
15 August Earthquake in Iran
13 August Fires in North Algeria
08 August Floods in Philippines
10 July Floods in Russia (City of Krymsk)
29 June Flood in Assam State, India
24 June Floods in Canada
21 May Eruption of lava from Fuego volcano in Guatemala
12 May Flood in Minxian County in northwest China, Gansu Province
01 May Floods in Paraguay
31 March Flooding in Fiji
10 March Floods and landslides in Ecuador
01 March Flood and Ocean Storm in Madagascar
26 February Floods in Algeria, El Tarf
21 February Flood in Peru
13 January Cyclone Giovanna, Madagascar
07 January Floods in Brazil - Belo Horizonte - Campos dos Goitacazes



09 December Flood in Panama
06 December Floods in Colombia
02 December Forest Fire in Israel
01 December Flood and landslide in Vargas y Sucre, Venezuela
19 November Flood in Colombia
05 November Ocean Storm in Haiti
03 November Volcano in Indonesia
30 October Flood in Thailand
28 October Tsunami in Sumatra, Indonesia
25 October Floods in Myanmar
20 October Typhoon Megi in the Philippines
12 October Flood in Cotonou Benin
07 October Floods in Vietnam
24 September Flood in Newfoundland, Canada
24 September Flood in Wisconsin, USA
22 September Flood in Slovenia
22 September Hurricane Karl, Mexico
20 September Hurricane in Bermuda
17 September Flood in Bihar State, India
17 September Flooding in Nigeria
14 September Flooding in South Sudan
09 September Flooding in Nigeria
18 August Debris Flow in China
14 August Debris flow in China
09 August Landslide in China
08 August Floods in Czech Republic
02 August Flooding in Pakistan
19 July Flood in South China
22 June Flood in Canada
21 June Flood in China
17 June Flood and landslide in Myanmar
07 June Tropical cyclone Sindh Coast of Karachi
30 May Ocean Storm in Guatemala
12 May Flood in Pakistan
01 May Flood in Kenya
22 April Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
20 April Volcanic eruption in Iceland
14 April Earthquake in China
18 March Ocean Storm in Madagascar
17 March Hurricane over Wallis and Futuna
08 March Earthquake in Turkey
03 March Landslide in Uganda
27 February Earthquake and tsunami in Chile
25 February Potential collapse of a tailing pit dam, Ukraine
15 February Tropical Cyclone on Kingdom of Tonga
11 February Cyclone on Pacific Islands
28 January Flood in Peru
26 January Flood in Bolivia
21 January Flash Floods in the Gaza Strip
13 January Earthquake in Haiti
07 January Flood in Albania
05 January Earthquake in Solomon Islands
04 January Snow disaster in China


28 December Earthquake in Malawi
14 December Cyclone in Fiji
26 November Flood in Uruguay
16 November Flood in British Virgin Islands
10 November Flood and ocean storm in El Salvador
23 October Volcanic eruption in Colombia
05 October Ocean storm in southern Laos
02 October Ocean storm in the Philippines
30 September Earthquake in Indonesia
30 September Tsunami in Samoa Islands
29 September Ocean storm in Vietnam
28 September Tropical Cyclone in the Philippines
22 September Flooding in Georgia, USA
16 September Earthquake in Indonesia
10 September Floods in Turkey
07 September Flood in Mauritania
07 September Landslide in Chile
03 September Floods in Burkina Faso
02 September Floods in Senegal and Mauritania
30 August Wildfires in Argentina
24 August Fires in Greece
11 August Ocean Storm in Taiwan
05 August Fires in Canary Islands
10 July Flooding in Benin
06 July Flood in Vietnam
08 June Earthquake in Saudi Arabia
27 May Ocean Storm and flood in Bangladesh
19 May Flood in Afghanistan
14 May Landslide in Tajikistan
11 May Floods in Angola
07 April Volcano in Chile
26 March Floods and landslide in Peru
25 March Flood in North Dakota, USA
20 March Flood in Namibia
11 March Flooding in Indiana, USA
27 February Flood in Northern Namibia
24 February Volcano in Chile
12 February Fires in Australia
10 February Floods and landslides in Argentina
09 February Flood in Morocco
24 January Hurricane in South West France
09 January Flood in Western Washington, USA
09 January Earthquake and landslide in Costa Rica



12 December Oil Spill in the North Sea
22 November Earthquake in Chile
16 November Floods and cyclone in Bangladesh
15 November Flooding in Vietnam
02 November Flooding in Mexico
30 October Flooding and hurricane in the Dominican Republic
23 October Fires in Southern California, USA
04 October Typhoon in Vietnam
21 September Floods and typhoon in North Korea
19 September Floods and landslides in Slovenia
15 September Flooding in West Africa
04 September Hurricane in Nicaragua
29 August Fires in Greece
27 August Fires in Paraguay
21 August Hurricane in Mexico
17 August Flooding in North Korea
16 August Earthquake in Peru
07 August Flooding in Vietnam
06 August Flooding in India
02 August Forest fires on the Canary Islands, Spain
24 July Flooding in the U.K.
19 July Flooding in China
13 July Flooding in China
02 July Flooding in Pakistan
28 June Flooding in the UK
01 June Oil spill in Chile
08 May Flooding in Uruguay
26 April Earthquake, landslides, exceptional waves in Chile
20 April Volcanic eruption in Colombia
19 April Ice jam off the coast of Newfoundland
17 April Flooding in the United States
04 April Flooding in Afghanistan
04 April Earthquake in Afghanistan
03 April Earthquake, Tsunami in the Solomon Islands
30 March Flooding, Landslides in Argentina
23 March Cyclone in Madagascar
06 March Earthquake in Indonesia
22 February Floods in Bolivia
19 February Volcano in Colombia
08 February Floods in Mozambique
22 January Oil Spill in Lyme Bay
19 January Floods in Bolivia-Paraguay-Argentina
17 January Floods in Argentina