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24 July 2015

Impact of Kick 'em Jenny volcano on Grenada

Type of Event:Volcano
Location of Event:Grenada
Date of Charter Activation:24 July 2015
Time of Charter Activation:17:18:32
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Charter Requestor:USGS on behalf of Montserrat Volcano Observatory and Government of Grenada
Project Management:Montserrat Volcano Observatory

The Kick 'em Jenny underwater volcano showed signs of increased activity on 23 July 2015, prompting concerns of a tsunami which could have impacted nearby Grenada.

The volcano, which is located just off the coast of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea, began its latest period of activity on 11 July and has caused over 200 small earthquakes since then.

As well as the potential for causing a tsunami, the volcano also poses a threat to marine traffic in the area. Hot rocks could be ejected from the volcano and damage or destroy vessels passing by, and degassing (a process which involves the volcano eruption strong bursts of gas) could also affect the buoyancy of vessels in the area.

Due to this potential hazard, a zone was set up around the volcano to exclude vessels from approaching within 5 kilometres of the area.

There have been no recorded earthquakes from the volcano since 26 July, and the alert level has been reduced. The exclusion zone is now 1.5 kilometres. It is believed that the risk of a tsunami is now very low.

Despite the decreased activity, the underwater volcano is currently being monitored carefully for further signs of heightened seismic activity.



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