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19 September 2013

Ubinas Volcano in Moquegua, Peru

Type of Event:Volcano
Location of Event:Moquegua, Peru
Date of Charter Activation:19 September 2013
Charter Requestor:SIFEM - DNPC
Project Management:CONIDA

A month-long state of emergency has been declared in Peru due to the recent activity of the Ubinas Volcano. Nine explosions have been reported since the start of September, and a noticeable increase in activity has been recorded.

The volcano, Peru's most active, began spewing ash on 01 September, and a series of phreatic explosions occurred up to the 5th. While there was no further eruption after that time the Geophysics Institute of Peru has been recording increased seismic activity from 18 September, which may indicate the movement of magma under the volcano.

Due to the threat posed by a potential eruption the village of Querapi will be permanently relocated. The small settlement is located close to the volcano, and there are concerns over the long-term effects of ash on the health of their people.

Eight districts in the Moquegua region could be under threat from an eruption; Ubinas, Matalaque, Chojata, Omate, Coalaque, Ichuna, Lloque and Yunga. The nearby district of San Juan de Tarucani in Arequipa may also be affected.

An estimated 2951 people are affected by the volcanic activity, and the Ubinas Volcano is continuing to be monitored during the emergency.



Ubinas Volcano in Moquegua, Peru and Querapi town

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Ubinas Volcano in Moquegua, Peru

Source: Worldview
Acquired: 12/09/2013

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