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Flood in Mongolia

Mongolia has experienced a harsh winter, with much of the country affected by snow and freezing temperatures. As the weather is now starting to melt in the approaching spring season, the snow is melting and there is the potential of flooding.

The country's State Emergency Commission (SEC) have issued a statement saying "Due to the rapid warming in recent days, the snow has melted quickly, and the amount of snow cover in the country has decreased to 63 percent, increasing the risk for floods."

Ulaanbaatar is particularly expected to be affected by the floods.

According to the country's weather monitoring agency, Mongolia has seen more snow than usual this winter, in what is known locally as a dzud. Dzuds involve deep snow cover building up over a long period of time, greatly harming livestock, which cannot graze on frozen ground. Over 80 percent of the country's total territory had been covered with snow up to 100 cm thick at the end of February.

Type of Event:Flood, Snow and ice
Location of Event:Mongolia
Date of Charter Activation:2024-03-15
Time of Charter Activation:11:23
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+08:00
Charter Requestor:National Emergency Management Agency
Activation ID:869
Project Management:Dagva Sodnomragchaa (NEMA)


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