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Floods in Canada

On Saturday, heavy rains fell in B.C's Shuswap region, where more than 340 people were ordered out of their homes into the community of Sicamous area in Vancouver, Canada.

Canadian officials declared a state of emergency, issuing a water-conservation notice to some 3,100 residents on Shuswap Lake. A do-not-use water order has also been issued for one water system.

Since the flooding, at least 1,240 British Columbians faced flood-evacuation alerts and 165 others were under evacuation orders.

A low pressure system dropped 60 - 80 millimetres of rain overnight in the area, almost three times more than expected within a month for this region.

A few homes have been damaged, but most homes remain intact. A body of a 73 year old man has been found after being swept away into a fast moving creek on Saturday.

Further flooding is expected over the next few weeks.

Type of Event:Floods
Location of Event:Fraser River, BC (Hope B.C. - Vancouver B.C.)
Date of Charter Activation:24 June 2012
Charter Requestor:Public Safety of Canada
Project Management:Canadian Space Agency


Flood activity along the Fraser River and in Central British Columbia.

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Acquired: 27/06/12 and 30/06/12

Source: RADARSAT-2

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