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Storm in United Arab Emirates

A storm swept across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) between 08 and 10 March, causing localised flooding. The storm brought torrential rain and lightning, as well as hail in some areas.
Several roads were flooded, making it almost impossible to drive through and slowing down traffic. In other parts of the country, vehicles were stranded or swept away. In the Fujairah neighbourhood of Al FarFar, 77.4 mm of rain fell, while 25.4 mm fell in Al Ain. Dubai saw about 50 mm of rain, which fell over a six hour period. 
There were no reported casualties, but the storm disrupted various aspects of everyday life for residents. Local businesses and schools experienced flooding. Local events were cancelled, flights were diverted, and beaches were also closed off.
Residents were issued warnings and instructed in safety precautions in advance of the storm. Authorities continue to closely monitor the situation, and emergency services remain alert to address any incidents promptly.

Type of Event:Storm, Flood
Location of Event:United Arab Emirates
Date of Charter Activation:2024-03-08
Time of Charter Activation:09:04
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+04:00
Charter Requestor:NCEMA
Activation ID:867
Project Management:Alia Mukhayet (MBRSC)


Flood report of Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Acquired: Sentinel-1: 10/03/2024
ICEYE: 10/03/2024

Source: Sentinel-1, ICEYE

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