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06 February 2021

Flood in Chile

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Type of Event:Flood, landslide
Location of Event:Chile
Date of Charter Activation:2021-02-06
Time of Charter Activation:22:38
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-03:00
Charter Requestor:Ministry of Interior and Public Safety (ONEMI)
Activation ID:699
Project Management:National Geology and Mining Service of Chile

Strong winds and heavy rain have affected Chile since the end of January, causing floods and landslides. Dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed and it is estimated that approximately 170,000 people have been affected.

At the La Vaca estuary, the flow of debris and mud has created a lagoon of approximately 25,000 km2, which poses the risk of flooding and driving a sudden tide in water and debris downriver. Residents in the area have been warned and the situation is being monitored.



Sernageomin- Daily report for probable flooding and landslides in "El Alfalfal" Village, Santiago Metropolitan Area, Chile.
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WorldView-3: 15/02/2021 and 16/02/2021

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