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25 April 2019

Cyclone Kenneth in Mozambique

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Type of Event:Ocean Storm - Cyclone
Location of Event:Mozambique
Date of Charter Activation:2019-04-25
Time of Charter Activation:18:58
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-03:00
Charter Requestor:CENAD on behalf of INGC Mozambique
Activation ID:606
Project Management:Ministério da Integração Nacional

Cyclone Kenneth has made landfall in northern Mozambique with wind speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour. The government has already evacuated 30,000 people from areas likely to be affected.

Weather forecasters have predicted severe rainfall and waves five metres higher than usual. More than 680,000 people are at risk according to officials.

Food supplies are prepared and relief efforts are already being deployed in Palma and Mocimboa da Praia as it braces for the storm.

Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique just six weeks after Cyclone Idai devastated central parts of the country.



Flooding assessment, Chefe Bacar, Mozambique

Source: Sentinel-1
Acquired: 28/04/2019

Copyright: Sentinel-1 © Copernicus Sentinel data (2019)
Map produced by SEDEC

Flooding assessment, Mienguleia, Mozambique

Source: TerraSAR-X
Acquired: 28/04/2019

Copyright: TerraSAR-X © DLR e. V. 2018, Distribution: Airbus DS Geo GmbH
Map produced by SEDEC

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