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Storm in Malawi

Sunday, 04 January 2015

Type of Event:
Other - Storm
Location of Event:
Date of Charter Activation:
04 January 2015
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Charter Requestor:
USGS on behalf of Dept of Disaster Management Affairs, Malawi
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Description of the event

A storm in Malawi left destruction in its wake on 02 January 2015.

The unexpectedly heavy rain and hail destroyed over 200 homes in Lilongwe, leaving dozens of people without homes. One person was also killed during the storm.

The single casualty, a young girl, was electrocuted by a fallen wire when trying to escape her home which had been tore open by the storm's winds.

Lilongwe district is located in the centre of Malawi, and the capital city (which bears the same name), as well as villages in the area suffered the most damage from the storm.

Much of the damage incurred was due to the storm's powerful winds which damaged or destroyed the roofs of buildings, leaving them unsafe for habitation. Infrastructure also suffered damage from the weather, leaving roads blocked, and power cables severed.


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