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Missing South Korean cargo vessel

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Type of Event:
Other - Missing vessel
Location of Event:
Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil
Date of Charter Activation:
26 April 2017
Time of Charter Activation:
Time zone of Charter Activation:
Charter Requestor:
NDMI (South Korea)
Activation ID:
Project Management:

Description of the event

A South Korean cargo vessel, the Stellar Daisy, disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean on 31 March.

Two members of the crew were found in a life raft the day after the vessel disappeared, but 22 members of the crew still remain unaccounted for.

The Stellar Daisy is a very large ore carrier, and set out from Brazil on its way to China. A distress signal was broadcast on 31 March when the vessel was approximately 2500km from the coast stating that the vessel was taking in water on its port side and was listing, but the exact location of the Stellar Daisy and fate of the crew remain unknown.

Search operations have been underway since the cargo vessel disappeared, and the Charter has been activated to help these efforts in attempting to locate the vessel and its crew through the use of satellite imagery.