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Landslide in Seoul and Chuncheon, Rep of Korea

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Type of Event:
Landslide, Floods
Location of Event:
South Korea
Date of Charter Activation:
Charter Requestor:
NIDP (Rep. of Korea)
Project Management:

Description of the event

Seoul and Chuncheon, South Korea, were hit by severe landslides and flooding due to heavy rainfall (500mm) on 27 July, 2011.

  • - At least 17 residents were killed and 24 were injured by landslides from Mt. Umyeong in Seoul
  • - About 800 houses were flooded and 23 roads were closed
  • - A total of 66,093 households were hit with power failures
  • - A total of 13 voluntary students were killed at the Chuncheon landslide

Korea, Seoul
Central regions landslide / Flood hazard
Pre- and Post-disaster map

Acquired: RADARSAT-1: 24/12/10
DMC: 05/08/11

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DMC: NGII (2011)
ALOS: JAXA (2011)
Map produced by NIDP

Korea - Seoul area
Landslide post-disaster

Source: SPOT-5 and Formosat-2
Acquired: SPOT-5: 05/05/11
Formosat-2: 05/08/11

Copyright: SPOT-5: CNES (2011) - Distribution: Astrium/Spot Image (2011)
Formosat-2: NSPO (2011) - Distribution: Astrium/Spot Image (2011)
Map produced by KARI