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Floods, landslides in Switzerland

Thursday, 25 August 2005

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Floods, landslides
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Swiss Civil Protection
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Description of the event

Many areas of central and northern Switzerland were flooded following heavy rains during the week of 21-25 August 2005. The canton of Lucern was particularly hard-hit, as well as the city of Bern. Towns along the Reuss and Emme rivers were flooded, while many towns and villages in the regions of Entlebuch and Willisau were left isolated. A number of landslides occurred in the Entlebuch region. In the canton of Lucerne, two firemen were killed by a mudslide on 22nd August. Swiss authorities reported six dead and thousands of residents evacuated.

Meiringen, Flooded Areas

Source: Spot 5
Acquired: 26 August 2005

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