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Floods in Uttarakhand, India

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

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Uttarakhand, India
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19 June 2013
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Description of the event

Heavy rainfall, due to an unusually strong monsoon season, has caused flooding in northern India. 130 people have been reported killed, and hundreds more have been displaced.

The flooding has destroyed over a hundred houses and approximately twenty bridges. The heavy rainfall has also resulted in landslides, that combined with the destroyed bridges and blocked roads have lead to some communities being cut off.

The state of Uttarakhand has received the worst of the flooding and tens of thousands of pilgrims, visiting the Hindu temples of Kedarnarth and Badrinath, have also been stranded in the state. The temple of Kedarnarth has been damaged by the flood waters and landslides and the nearby town has been almost totally submerged by mud.

India's Army and Air Force are conducting rescue operations and have evacuated thousands of people so far.

This poster shows the damage suffered during the floods in Uttarakhand India, at various locations with different satellites.

Source: CartoSat-1, CartoSat-2A, ResourceSat-2, WorldView
Acquired: CartoSat-1: 2011
CartoSat-2A: 20/06/2013
ResourceSat-2: 21/06/2013
WorldView: 22/06/2013

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