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Floods in Togo

Thursday, 31 July 2008

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Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance

Description of the event

Over 10,000 people are affected by the floods and six people are dead. Roads and railways are impracticable, which caused a lack of access to entire communities, isolating the north from the south of the country. In addition, some 400 houses collapsed and the telephone network was also cut in some flooded areas.

Lake Togo and vicinity Flood Map, 8 August 2008

Source: Radarsat and TerraSAR, background image: ETM+ Landsat.
Acquired: 16/01/1999, 04/08/2008

Copyright: CSA, DLR-ZKI, MDA Federal 2008.

Flooded areas have been sorted into 2 classes: Red areas represent standing flood waters identified with a high degree of confidence. Blue areas represent pre-flood areas. Flood analysis was made using Radarsat data recorded 06 August 2008, and TerrasarX data recorded 04 August 2008. Preliminary analysis not yet validated in the field.

Source: Radarsat-1, TerraSAR-X
Acquired: 04/08/2008, 06/08/2008

Copyright: CSA 2008, DLR 2008 Image processing, map created 15/08/2008 by UNOSAT.

Flooded Areas around Lake Togo, Radarsat/TerraSAR-X, 04/08/2008

Source: Radarsat-1 and TerraSAR-X; Landsat ETM, 12.5m/pixel and 16m/pixel (ScanSAR) resolution.
Acquired: 04/08/2008, 16/01/1999 Supervised classification of pre- (16/01/1999) and post- (04/08/2008) event satellite remote sensing. In red, flooded areas; blue, pre-flood surface water levels.

Copyright: CSA 2008, DLR 2008, MDA Federal 2008 Image processing, map created 05/08/2008 by USAID/OFDA.