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Floods in Guyana

Tuesday, 01 February 2005

Type of Event:
Location of Event:
Georgetown, Guyana
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United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)
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Description of the event

Guyana was gripped by severe flooding as the heaviest rain in centuries struck along the coast. Authorities immediately evacuated 20,000 people from their homes to the west of the capital of Georgetown.
Six people are reported to have been killed in the floods. An estimated 300,000 people living along the coast and the banks of the Demerara River were affected.

Pre-flood map focusing on area south-east of Georgetown.

Source: Aster 15m resolution data.
Acquired: 23 August 2000

Copyright: USGS

Pre-flood map focusing on area south-east of Georgetown,

Source: Aster 15m resolution data
Acquired: 16 July 2000

Copyright: USGS Map produced 7/02/2005 by UNOSAT