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Floods in Argentina

Friday, 02 July 2004

Type of Event:
Floods and landslides
Location of Event:
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SIFEM Argentina
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Description of the event

Strong floods and some landslides occurred on 2nd July 2004 in the region of San Martín de los Andes. Roads were blocked, nearly 1800 people were evacuated and authorities count 5 dead. The affected area covers a radius of 100 km around the city of Bariloche.

Map of the flooded area. [225 Kb]

Source: Image 1: ASTER
Image 2: Spot
Acquired: Image 1: 08/12/2001
Image 2: 10/07/2004

Map of the flooded area [265 Kb]

Source: Spot
Acquired: 10/07/2004