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Flooding in Mexico

Friday, 02 November 2007

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Description of the event

Since 28 October, the state of Tabasco and its capital, Villahermosa, were completely flooded due to several days of unusally heavy rainfall. The rains caused the overflow of seven rivers, affecting 17 municipalities.
By the 2nd November, media reported dozens of deaths and 1 million persons affected.


Source: MODIS on Terra, 250m/pixel resolution.
Acquired: 09/2007 Annotated MODIS post-event image, showing large amounts of sediment left in suspension by the hurricane.

Copyright: Credit NASA 2007 Image processing, map created 10/09/2007 by CATHALAC-SERVIR.

ALOS-PALSAR/MODIS, Flooded Areas, 08/11/2007-10/11/2007

Source: ALOS Palsar; MODIS , ~20m/pixel resolution.
Acquired: 08/11/2007 (ALOS-PALSAR) and 08-10/11/2007 (MODIS) Flood detection using ALOS Palsar radar scenes and MODIS optical scenes, 08/11/2007 and 08-10/11/2007, over the Tabasco province of Mexico.

Copyright: Copyright JAXA 2007 Image processing, map created 11/11/2007 by CATHALAC-SERVIR

Pre-event ASTER image

Source: ASTER , 300m/pixel resolution
Acquired: 2003 Pre-event ASTER image showing the affected coast.

Copyright: Credit NASA 2003 Image processing, map created 10/09/2007 by CATHALAC-SERVIR.

Felix Rain Rate Sept4 Trmm

Source: TRMM, 5km/pixel resolution
Acquired: 04/09/2007 TRMM precipitation rates for 4 September, Mexico and the Caribbean, hurricane Felix

Copyright: Credit NASA 2007 Image processing, map created 10/09/2007 by CATHALAC-SERVIR

GOES animation, Hurricane Felix as it approaches the coasts of Mexico 3-4/09/2008

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