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Flood in Peru

Thursday, 28 January 2010

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Description of the event

Floods due to intensive rain caused infrastructure collapse in bridges over Vilcanota river, damages in housing, loss of lives, isolation of people and loss of crops

PERU - Cusco Pisac Coya

Source: pre-event SPOT 5, post-event Formosat
Acquired: pre-event 13/07/2008; post-event 31/01/2010

Copyright: CNES, NSPO
Image processing, map created 04/02/2010 by CONIDA

PERU - Cusco Aguas Calientes (Machupicchu Pueblo) Machu Picchu

Source: ASTER
Acquired: pre-event 01/07/2009; post-event 01/02/2010

Copyright: USGS
Image processing, map created 02/02/2010 by CONIDA

Peru - Cusco Cuenca Urubamba. Image pre-evento.

Source: SPOT-5
Acquired: 13/07/2008

Copyright: CNES 2008
Image processing, map created 02/02/2010 by CONIDA.

PERU Cusco Cuenca Urubamba

Acquired: pre-event 07/11/2006; post-event 29/01/2010

Copyright: JAXA, METI
Image processing, map created 01/02/2010 by CONIDA