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Flood in Pakistan

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

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UNOOSA on behalf of UNOCHA, Islamabad, Pakistan
Project Management:
ESA, Fran├žois Boubila

Description of the event

On 4th January 2010, a massive landslide caused a wide blockage across Hunza River at Ataabad, 15 KMs east of Karimabad (Hunza-Nagar district). The blockage has created a lake that has inundated the Ainabad and Shishkat villages and the Karakoram Highway. Crops have been destroyed and hundreds of people have been displaced. The lake is expected to overflow within the next days.

Hunza River,Hunza-Nagar District, Gilgit

Source: Pre-event ALOS AVNIR 2; post-event SPOT, SPOT-4
Acquired: Pre-event 10/09/2009; post-event 21/05/2010, 31/05/2010

Copyright: METI, NASA, JAXA, NGA, USGS, OCHA, Open Street Map
Image processing, map created 02/06/2010 by UNITAR / UNOSAT