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Earthquake in Taiwan

Saturday, 06 February 2016

Type of Event:
Location of Event:
Taiwan, Province of China
Date of Charter Activation:
6 February 2016
Time of Charter Activation:
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Charter Requestor:
Asia Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) on behalf of National Applied Research Laboratories Taiwan (NARLabs)
Project Management:
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Description of the event

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Tainan in Taiwan at 20:00 UTC on 5 February.

More than 500 people were injured, and 116 were killed.

The earthquake occurred at the local time of 04:00 while most residents were asleep.

Most of those killed were in the Weiguan Jinlong apartment complex, which was a 17 storey building that collapsed when the earthquake struck. It is estimated that as many as 300 people were in the building at the time of the earthquake.

Many were left trapped inside the rubble of the collapsed building. Some resourceful residents were able to get out of the debris by using tools and ladders, but many others were unable to escape until rescue workers began to search through the debris for survivors.

Almost four hundred people were rescued throughout the city, and shelters were set up for those left homeless by the disaster.

Possible land changes in Tainan City, Taiwan, following the earthquake

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Post-disaster: 09/02/2016
Pleiades: 07/02/2016

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Earthquake monitoring in Tainan City, Taiwan, including location of the collapsed Weiguan Jinlong building

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Resurs-P: 07/02/2016

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