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Credits: DLR 2018

This video provides an overview of the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters and the process involved when a user requests help with monitoring a disaster. The video includes personal accounts from Charter personnel, highlighting the benefits of this international cooperation.

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Credits: European Space Agency (ESA)/Europimages 2010

Over the last few years, the Charter has continued to demonstrate the importance of space in helping to optimise the capacity of relief organisations who deal with natural and technological hazards.

This video, realised to celebrate 10 years of the Charter activities, aims to emphasise the achievements, development and effectiveness of the Charter, as well as the human network that underpins it.

Credits: European Space Agency (ESA)

This scribble video highlights the Charter in celebration of its fifteenth anniversary in 2015.

Credits: European Space Agency (ESA)

In this video interview, Jens Danzeglocke from DLR describes Universal Access and the process of activating the Charter.