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17 novembre 2020

Hurricane Iota in Colombia

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type d'évènement:Cyclone
Localidation de l'évènement:Colombia
Date de l'activation Charte:2020-11-17
Time of Charter Activation:17:42
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-05:00
Demandeur:National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD)
Activation ID:687
Chef de projet:UNGRD

Hurricane Iota made landfall on the small Colombian island of Providencia as a Category 5 hurricane, one fatality has been reported. Iota also caused severe flooding in Cartagena, a popular tourist destination on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

Reports from local government say 98% of the Providencia islands infrastructure was damaged, and the majority of homes were damaged or destroyed. 

Aeroplanes filled with humanitarian aid have deployed and teams worked to clear runways to allow the flights to land.

The National Hurricane Center warned of "potentially catastrophic winds, life-threatening storm surge, and extreme rainfall impacts to central America."



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