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22 janvier 2020

Snow in Pakistan

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type d'évènement:Snow hazard
Localidation de l'évènement:Pakistan
Date de l'activation Charte:2020-01-22
Time of Charter Activation:18:33
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+01:00
Demandeur:UNITAR on behalf of UNOCHA Pakistan
Activation ID:641
Chef de projet:UNITAR/UNOSAT

Heavy snowfall has affected Pakistan, affecting much of the northern and western provinces, and resulting in 105 casualties.

It has been reported that more than a thousand homes have been damaged and the total number of people affected is currently unknown.

A state of emergency has been declared in the affected provinces, with efforts underway to clear snow from major roads and reach remote locations, providing relief to those left stranded.

Forecasts suggest there may be further snowfall at the end of January.



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