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22 janvier 2020

Flood in Zambia

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type d'évènement:Flood
Localidation de l'évènement:Zambia
Date de l'activation Charte:2020-01-22
Time of Charter Activation:14:16
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+01:00
Demandeur:UNITAR on behalf of UNOCHA Regional Office for Southern and Eastern Africa and the UN Resident Coordinator office in Zambia.
Activation ID:640
Chef de projet:UNITAR/UNOSAT

Heavy rainfall has caused floods in Zambia, displacing hundreds of people and destroying crops in an area already experiencing a shortage of food.

The floods are mainly impacting the Gwembe district in the south of the country. Other districts in the east, including Mambwe are also reported to be affected, and the capital city of Lusaka has also experienced flash flooding.

Transportation has been affected by the situation, and eight bridges have been damaged or are currently impassable. The flood waters also pose a risk of breeding waterborne diseases.

Food shortages have been further impacted by the floods, as the area had been experiencing a drought before the floods began. There are reports that more than 2 million people may be affected by the damage to agriculture.

Relief is being provided to people evacuated from the affected areas.



Preliminary flood assessment of Gwembe District in the Southern Province of Zambia

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Copyright: Report produced by UNITAR/UNOSAT

Flood extent and impact map, Zambia

Source: Pleiades
Acquis: 23/01/2020

Copyright: Pleiades © CNES (2020) - Distribution: Airbus Defence and Space, all rights reserved
Map produced by SERTIT

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