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26 février 2020

Flood in Bolivia

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type d'évènement:Floods
Localidation de l'évènement:Bolivia, Plurinational State Of
Date de l'activation Charte:2020-02-25
Time of Charter Activation:20:57
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+01:00
Activation ID:644
Chef de projet:Bolivian Space Agency

Heavy rain has caused the Taquiña river to break its banks flooding areas of Tiquipaya in Cochabamba department, Bolivia.

Authorities have reported almsot 100 homes have been severely damaged affecting 300 people after debris was swept along with flood waters into residential areas. A further 300 homes are still at risk.

The Deputy Minister of Civil Defense, Fernando Calderón Terán, said that food, mattresses, blankets and kitchen utensils have been delivered to affected families.

Heavy rain has affected other areas of the department. The Bolivian Highway Administrator (ABC) reported on 24 February that traffic on the new Cochabamba – Santa Cruz highway was suspended due to continued landslides.

Work is ongoing to clean up the debris and provide relief to people evacuated. No fatalaties have been reported, although around 30 people have been treated for minor injuries.



Flooding at Cochabamba Department, Bolivia

Source: Landsat-5 / Landsat-8
Acquis: Landsat-5: 1986
Landsat-8: 2020

Copyright: Landsat data and products © USGS (2020) - All rights reserved
Map produced by ABE

Flooding at Mazamorra Tiquipaya, Cochabamba Department, Bolivia

Source: TerraSAR-X
Acquis: 26/02/2020

Copyright: TerraSAR-X © DLR e. V. 2020, Distribution: Airbus DS Geo GmbH
Map produced by ABE

Flooding at Mazamorra Tiquipaya, Cochabamba Department, Bolivia

Source: Kanopus-V
Acquis: 23/02/2020

Copyright: Kanopus-V © All rights reserved ROSCOSMOS 2020
Map produced by ABE

Flooding at Mazamora Taquina, Cochabamba Department, Bolivia

Source: Pleiades
Acquis: 27/02/2020

Copyright: Pleiades © CNES (2020) - Distribution: Airbus Defence and Space, all rights reserved
Map produced by ABE

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