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Flooding in Armenia

Torrential rains have caused flooding in Armenia in the country's worst flooding in decades.

The most affected areas have been the provinces of Lori and Tavush, where the rivers Debed, Aghstev and Tashir all burst their banks washing away roads, bridges, parts of a railway and flooding towns and villages located along them.

Three people have been confirmed dead, and many others have had to be evacuated from the affected areas.

Rescue efforts are ongoing along with emergency food and clean water deliveries.

Type of Event:Flood
Location of Event:Armenia
Date of Charter Activation:2024-05-29
Time of Charter Activation:14:41
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Charter Requestor:Ministry of Internal Affairs on behalf of Ministry of Internal Affairs
Activation ID:886
Project Management:Armine Hayrapetyan (Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RA)
act-value-adders:Teodoro Hunger (UNITAR/UNOSAT)


Flood damage assessment along the Debed river in Tashir, Stepanavan & Tumanian Municipalites, Lori Province, Armenia

Copyright: Includes material © AIRBUS DS (2024)
Map produced by Unitar / UNOSAT

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Acquired: 03/06/2024

Source: SPOT6

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