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21AT now contributing to the International Disasters Charter


26 octubre 2020

21AT now contributing to the International Disasters Charter

Founded in June 2001, Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 21AT) is an independent remote sensing satellite operator and geospatial information big data service provider facing both Chinese and global customers. 21AT is the first company taking the lead in carrying out commercial cooperation with international leading satellite system research and development entities, the first enterprise in China owning and independently controlling a civilian commercial satellite constellation, and a pioneer starting China's commercial remote sensing industry.

Bejing-2 constellation
图1-北京二号卫星星座(Beijing-2 satellite constellation)

21AT has established its well-known "Beijing Series" of remote sensing satellite and application service brands at home and abroad. Now, all three satellites of the Beijing-2 satellite constellation are contributing to the International Charter Space and Major Disasters. The constellation system consists of three optical remote sensing satellites with 0.8 m panchromatic and 3.2 m multispectral resolution, and a ground system independently developed. The constellation has the characteristics of high spatial resolution, high temporal resolution and high radiation resolution, and can realize a revisit at any place in the world in one to two days. These characteristic properties of the three satellites enable them to effectively monitor disasters like earthquakes, landslides and wildfires.

Bejing-2 earthquake map
(Thematic map of Indonesia earthquake monitored by Beijing-2 satellite constellation)

The remote sensing satellite intelligent observation and acquisition technology independently developed by 21AT can efficiently acquire global high-quality images and create standardized products. The proprietary algorithms, models and software systems developed by 21AT can realize large-scale automatic image processing, intelligent interpretation and analysis of spatial information, and flexible production of business application products.

21AT is exerting global development strategy, and has established research and development centers and business organizations in North America, Asia Pacific and other regions. 21AT's products and services are spread all over the world.

21AT is observing the changes of our planet every day. Through independent owned technology and capabilities, 21AT provides more real-time, accurate and convenient spatial information big data to decision makers and users around the world. It is believed that the widespread application of geospatial big data will surely alter the way of life and production of the people, and will better serve the people in respect of human livability, ecological civilization and global sustainable development.