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25 July 2017

Fire in Montenegro

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Type of Event:Fire
Location of Event:Montenegro
Date of Charter Activation:25 July 2017
Time of Charter Activation:16:01:00
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC-05:00
Charter Requestor:U.S. Geological Survey on behalf of Sector for Information System, Real Estate Administration - Montenegro
Activation ID:539
Project Management:DMCII

Wildfires spread across the Adriatic coast of Montenegro after weeks of high temperatures in July. The Lustica peninsula has been the worst affected, where tourists and residents were forced to evacuate.

The fires are the result of a very hot summer and arid conditions. Fuelled by strong winds they spread across the Lustica peninsula, threatening the towns of Herceg Novi, Tivat and the capital Podgorica.

No casualties have been reported, and hundreds of firefighters have worked to control and keep the fires away from inhabited areas. The Montenegrin government asked for international aid on 17 July and firefighting aircraft were contributed to help.



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